BSC4933 / BSC6932 Biology of Coastal Plants (Spring 2015):  Considering predicted sea level rise and shifts in temperature and salinity (IPCC 2007), it is imperative to understand how coastal plant species might adapt to maintain the integrity of coastal systems. This class will combine discussion, laboratory and field activities to gain an understanding of the morphology, physiology, ecology, genetic make-up and factors influencing gene expression of several species of coastal plants.

This course is part of the CREATTE program (Creating Research Experiences and Activities Through Teaching Enhancement) sponsored by the Office for Undergraduate Research.



PCB4674 / BSC6932 Organic Evolution (Fall semesters) :  Gain an understanding of the history and development of evolutionary theory, the origin of evolutionarily relevant phenotypic variation, the process of diversification of species and higher taxa, and an appreciation for the dynamic process of understanding evolutionary biology.

Baby D at Monterey Bay Aquarium

BSC 4933 Discovering the Mysteries of Marine Biology- Online non-majors class (Summer A):  Learn the basic concepts of biology through the lens of marine organisms and the habitats in which they live. This course will address cellular, organismal, population, community, and ecosystem level biology within an evolutionary context. Evolution is fundamental to a comprehensive understanding of ALL biological disciplines, and is included in the Florida state and national science standards.